Intrusion Detection System

Know more about Intrusion Detection System (Burglar Alarm)

Avert Solution intrusion detection system challenges your daily face problems. We use intelligent detectors with false alarm immunity, keypads that are easier to use, panels with more power, and communications solutions which will provide you convenience and security. The system consists of several key elements as below :-

Alarm Control Panels
Avert Solution’s innovative line of control panels provide you with more of what you want—the power, capacity and versatility to satisfy virtually any installation requirement from a single platform.

The system offers a wide variety of flexible, easy-to-use keypads that put security and convenience at your fingertips

Expansion Modules & Accessories
Increase the functionality of your security system with full line of expansion devices and accessories.

Wireless Products
Avert Solution wireless technology is an exciting new advance in security that provides the most reliable, convenient and cost effective solutions for security protection

Alarm Communications
Our wide range of alarm communication products are a reliable solution for the transmission of alarm signals.

Our sensors line is unsurpassed in the industry. Sophisticated, technology-based development and assessment processes drive sensors to exceed industry standards for quality performance. There are few sensors which are very common in the industry as below :-
Magnetic Sensor
PIR Motion Sensor
Glassbreak Sensor (Frequency detection)


Why Choose Us ?

We are not just selling our products, we commit to prioritize our customers in Post Purchase Services, which we response to our customers at soonest possible (24 hours call assistance and Site visit) .

Besides, we also emphasizing Product Value, in term of durability, utility, and price. We always measure the risks over the solutions to deter, as we believe prevention is better than cure. 


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